My name is Duy Tran and art has always defined my life. It has driven me to various corners of the world and has guided on my path towards architectural design. I am a artist and designer at heart, who is inspired by the world around me. 

There is nothing that does not interest me and I in turn use what life teaches me in my work. My interests push me to constantly pursue new knowledge and skills. Through a regimen of both digital and physical craft I am able to translate my design vision onto the canvas. 

Architecture is an immensely powerful craft, shaping the settings in which life unfolds. I am drawn to design because it provides me with an avenue to improve the lives of people who inhabit these spaces and an opportunity to help humanity coexist with the natural ecosystem. Architecture is an endeavor that I find to be truly rewarding.


Architectural Designer

University of Oregon, Portland, OR
M. Arch | 2017
Emphasis in Urban Architectural Studies

University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 
B.S. Arch St | 2015
Emphasis in Architectural Studies